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Luxuriant Gardens is your most reliable source for quality landscaping and plants to help make your garden a beautiful and enjoyable place to spend your time. We offer lawn and garden care, planting, mulching, pruning, edging and weeding, as well as always offering great professional advice. We will design, construct and maintain your garden to make it look and feel luxuriant! We provide landscape design, construction and maintenance in St. John's for your home, office or outdoor garden space at the lowest prices you will find.

Luxuriant Gardens sells only plants with superior characteristics such as color, texture, fragrance, form and hardiness.  Please be patient while we add descriptions of these plants to our pages.  If you would like more information about the plants that are available for pick up please use our contact form provided.  In addition to direct local plant sales, we also offer online shopping for plants and garden supplies through direct links to our secure affiliated website; Exquisiteplants.com.  This offers us advantages of reduced overhead, inventory and transportation costs.  As a result we can offer you plants and garden supplies at a much lower selling price than you would find in your traditional garden centers.  In the rare case you are not satisfied with any of your product purchases, we offer a full refund (minus any shipping costs) or a full replacement.

LuxuriantGardens.com is your most complete source of exquisite low-maintenance  plants at the most down-to-earth prices..... 
  1. Luxuriant Gardens
    Peter Beck
    Our friendly and knowledgeable owner takes pride in providing attentive, personalized service to all of our clients, both individual and corporate. Because we value everyone, we are dedicated to making your experience as pleasant as it can be and that is why we will always go the extra mile. Peter has a background in Civil Engineering Technology, Environmental Protection, Science, Business Development and a Lifelong Passion and experience working with plants.
  2. Lotus
    Martha Houston
    Martha is the owner and operator of Lotus. With a Horticulture background and several years of work experience Martha offers landscape maintenance and signature designs at a reasonable price. This includes; Landscape Design & Installations, Floral Designs and Arrangements, Seasonal Planters and Urns (Christmas, Spring, Summer, Autumn). You can find her on Facebook at "Lotus" or contact her at 709-689-3189 or [email protected]
  3. Albert Tree Services
    Albert Lazlo
    Albert is the owner and operator of Albert Tree Services. As an ISA Certified Tree Arborist; Albert provides Certified Climbers who will take care of: Hazardous Tree Removal Storm Damage Cleanup Professional Pruning & Trimming Tree Assessment Canopy Opening & Thinning On-site Tree Chipping Albert Tree Services can be contacted at 709-769-5444 or at treeservicestjohns.com
We do what we do like no one else does...
Luxuriant Gardens proudly serves St John's and surrounding communities, including Mount Pearl, Torbay, Portugal Cove-St. Philips, and Conception Bay South. Locally-owned and operated, we are committed to offering only the finest plants and landscape maintenance, backed by service that is friendly and prompt. We guarantee to exceed your expectations or we promise to give you your money back!

We are quickly becoming recognized as a leading horticulture service in Newfoundland. We have almost half a century experience working with ornamental flowering plants, and exotic houseplants. Many of our ornamental and flowering plants are grown on-site in our own greenhouses. We understand intimately what is required to ensure the highest quality in everything that we sell.

Luxuriant gardens was established by a decendant of German immigrants who came to Newfoundland in the early 1960's. The owner remains committed to the tradition of excellence, high aesthetic values and business integrity that is Luxuriant Garden's trademark.

Our friendly and knowledgeable owner takes pride in providing attentive, personalized service to all of our clients, both individual and corporate. Because we value everyone, we are dedicated to making your experience as pleasant as it can be and that is why we will always go the extra mile! Proper maintenance is just as important as proper installation to create that beautiful and healthy landscape that you will enjoy for many years. Much of a landscape is alive so it is ever changing, improving and impacted by it's environment.

Landscape maintenance is much more than just mowing. It includes the care of any part of your landscape from lawns and garden beds to patios, paths, irrigation and lighting, and much more.  We, at Luxuriant Gardens, have plenty of experience at installing landscape elements so we have the skills, talents and abilities to complete the work as we have promised.

Some of the typical regular tasks that we can do for you are:
    pruning (fine pruning, fruit trees, disease and damaged trees/shrubs)
    fertilizing (organic or slow-release synthetic)
    disease and pest assessment
    mowing, edging (weekly or monthly)
    mulching (compost, bark mulches, etc)
    repair or clean pavers and other hardscape elements
    and so much more...

Contact us at 709-726-5808 to find out more about our customizeable gardening and landscaping services and pricing.
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Professional Lawn Care

We often receive a lot of requests for lawn repairs and the obvious starting point is usually looking closely at the problem and determining what may be causing it. We then move on to discussing the client's goals and what they plan to accomplish. Since a client's budget is usually the determining factor in how much gets accomplished, it must essentially be balanced against the probability of achieving the desired outcome.  In some cases, a lawn repair will achieve this goal, while in other cases only a complete lawn replacement is the logical answer. The following problems are sometimes the reasons why a new lawn may be considered:

There are usually many reasons why a lawn has failed. Installing a new lawn will usually help resolve only some of these problems:

Traffic Problems

Pets and people are presumably still going to use the lawn. These traffic patterns will not change just because you have a new lawn so the traffic problems need to be resolved first. Sometimes installing a walkway or patio may be the best solution.

Weed infestation, grubs, cinch bugs, etc.

Depending on the extent of the problem replacing a lawn may be a valid option.
Replacing a lawn will never fully resolve these problems. Techniques to care for your lawn will still need to be applied in order to preserve and maintain the lawn.

Light/ Moisture Conditions

Since different grasses grow in different conditions, replacing an existing lawn with sods comprised of a different variety of grass in areas where the light or moisture conditions are not suitable may be an effective solution.

Soil Quality

Some soils contain too much clay and therefore may be very compacted.  Since air and water aren't available to the roots the roots won't grow well. Other soils may have too much sand, so this will also make it difficult to grow grass because water and nutrients won't stay around the root zone long enough for the grass to make proper use of it. Another frequently observed problem with many soils is that its pH (the degree of acidity or alkalinity) is too high or two low for optimum grass growth. Your first choice should always be to do what you can to improve your existing soil by using soil amendment or fertilizers.  If this is not possible then adding better quality topsoil and installing a new lawn may be your only available option. If this is the problem the solution may not always be cheap but it may be worth it in the long run. 

Soil Quantity

Most common lawn problems are caused simply by having an insufficient depth of soil under your lawn to facilitate healthy root development.  Sometimes building developers cut corners during the property development phase and do not place an adequate depth of topsoil necessary to create a healthy lawn. The absolute minimum soil depth for a quality, care-free lawn is 10 cm (4 inches); however, for deeper root penetration and the additional benefits that it creates, the accepted standard is 15 cm (6 inches). If you are experiencing lawn problems an insufficient amount of topsoil is quite often the primary cause!

Appearance and Performance Requirements

Sometimes a different type of grass is preferred to create a different texture or appearance.  Sometimes a different type of grass is preferred in order to create a thicker lawn, a faster growing lawn or a slower growing lawn.

Our Luxuriant Gardens property maintenance experts will only recommend the cheapest practical and most effective solutions to make your lawn as healthy and attractive as it can possibly be! A new lawn may possibly be the correct solution. Call us for a free assessment and we will provide you with a comparison price for a lawn repair solution versus a lawn replacement solution.