Perennials for Sale
Exquisite Recommended Aquatic Plants for your Garden:

Floating Plant Varieties:
Water Hyacinth ('Eichhornia crassipes')
An excellent annual or tropical plant for natural bio-filtration and algae control. It's long dangling roots provide a source of food and spawning media for koi and goldfish. Blooms occasionally if adequate sun is provided.

Red Water Lily (Nymphaea ‘Attraction’) Zone5, maximum spread of 4-5ft.
The Red Water Lily is free flowering and vigorous. It can tolerate partial shade and will grow in water up to 3ft deep. The ‘Attraction’ variety tolerates summer heat better than most other red water lilies.  Flowers can be 6" to 8" across and have a slight fragrance. The inner petals are deep red and the outer petals are lighter red. New leaves are an attractive light bronze.
Nymphaea Albida
Nymphaea Attraction
Nymphaea Marliacea rosea
Nymphaea Marliacea Chromatella

Marginal Plant Varieties:
Canna Lily ('Crimson Beauty') Zone7, maximum height of 2-3ft. This plant has bright crimson red flowers and green foliage. It is a dwarf variety which has spectacular floral beauty and lush foliage and blooms all summer long. Plants prefer warm temperatures and full sun. In areas colder than Zone 7 you should dig up the rhizomes just after the foliage is killed by frost. Dry them and store them in a cool, lightly moist peat moss until the early spring. About 4 weeks before the last spring frost, pot them up inside and they will be ready to plant outside again after all danger of frost has past.

Cattail Gracilis
Equisetum Horsetail Plants
Bacopa Plants
Arrowhead (Sagittaria latifolia)

Crystalwort (Riccia Fluitans)

Submerged Oxygenating Plant Varieties:
Hornwort ('Ceratophyllum demersum')
A fine-leaved hardy oxygenator which can merely be dropped in the water. Excellent plant media for fish spawning and fry protection.
Butomus Umbellatus
Pontederia Cordata
Acorus Calamus Variegata
Typha Latifolia
Typha Minima
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