Shrubs for Sale
Exquisite Shrubs Available for your Garden:

Deciduous Shrubs:

SHADBLOW SERVICBERRY (Amelanchier canadensis) Zone 3/2-8m
Serviceberry blossoms, appearing like white clouds, beautifully usher in the spring. It is commonly a multi-stemmed plant. The fruits are small but highly edible and loved by birds. In fall the leaves display brilliant flaming colors of yellow and orange. Shade tolerant

CHOKECHERRY (Aronia melanocarpa) Zone 3/1m
Low plant with glossy leaves and pink blossoms followed by dark purple fruit the birds love.

WEEPING CARAGANA (Caragana arborescens 'pendula') Zone 2b/1.5 m
The weeping caragana creates an effect like a cascading waterfall. We also offer the original Caragana (peashrub) which grows upright.

BUD'S YELLOW DOGWOOD (Cornus Alba 'Bud's Yellow') Zone 3/2m
Like a hedgehog of yellow, the straight stems are a welcome sight in winter when the stems sing against the conifers. Pruning back older plants will encourage bright new growth.

IVORY HALO DOGWOOD (Cornus Alba 'Ivory Halo') Zone 3/2m
A new compact form of the silveredge dogwood. White edged leaves in summer and deep red stems in winter. Lovely as a hedge.

SILVERLEAF DOGWOOD (Cornus Alba 'Silverleaf') Zone 3/2m
A dogwood with showy, white-edged leaves in summer and deep-red stems in winter. Makes a lovely hedge.

RED OSIER DOGWOOD ( Cornus sericea) Zone 2/1.25m
Deep red stems in winter. A native plant usually found in cool, moist sites.

ROSE DAPHNE (Daphne Roseum) Zone 4/1m
A small upright shrub that is the very first to bloom with bright pink flowers that exude a very nice powerful fragrance.

SHOWOFF FORSYTHIA (Forsythia ovata 'Showoff') Zone 3b/1.25m
A smaller forsythia that is hardy with bright yellow outstanding blossoms in spring. This very compact plant will charm you just as the snow melts away.

GOLD FORSYTHIA (Forsythia ovata 'Gold') Zone 3b/2m
An arching large shub with cheerful yellow blossoms in spring and muted tones of burgundy in fall.

NORTHERN GOLD FORSYTHIA (Forsythia ovata 'Northern Gold') Zone 3b/3m The gold standard forsythia for extremely cold winters. A dominating shrub that reaches upward and outward and is simply astounding in spring.

ROBERT YOUNG BAMBOO plant (Phyllostachys viridis) Zone 6/15m
This is a beautiful bamboo specimen, which can grow in zones down to -36 degrees celsius.   In southern, hotter climates, it grows and travels vigorously.

Japanese Palm Bamboo (Semiarundinaria Fastuosa 'Red')


Amur Privet (Ligustrum amurense) Zone 3/5m
Ligustrum amurense, commonly called Amur privet, is native to northern China. It is a dense, erect, multi-stemmed, fast-growing, deciduous shrub (semi-evergreen in mild winter areas) that typically matures to 12-15’ tall and 8-15`wide. It`s elliptic to oblong leaves (to 2.5” long) are generally dull green. Creamy white flowers are produced in May to June in panicles (to 2” long). Flowers can be somewhat interesting on specimen shrubs, but are simply not effective in appearance on pruned hedges. Flowers are fragrant and attract butterflies. Flowers give way to showy oval black drupes which ripen in fall. Drought tolerant and easily grown in average, dry to medium, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Tolerant of a wide range of soils, except wet ones. Tolerant of urban conditions. Responds well to pruning. Specimen plants actually require little pruning and should be pruned as needed in spring after flowering. Hedges may be pruned in spring before flowering (if flowers are not a concern) and at 1-2 additional times during the summer to shape and to encourage dense branching. Plants will naturalize by self-seeding in optimum growing conditions, and may form thickets in areas where growth is not controlled. It`s name is derived from the Amur River in eastern Asia. It has no serious insect or disease problems.  It is used as hedges, screens, specimens and shrub borders. Has excellent winter hardiness.

Cheyenne Privet (Ligustrum vulgare)
Zone 5/3m
The Cheyenne Privet is a fast-growing, hardy privet that can be pruned to any shape.  It’s perfect for your garden as a background plant or as a trimmed hedge.
The outstanding feature of this shrub is its ability to be pruned to almost any desired shape.  Whether you have a small spot between buildings you’d like to fill, or space for a privacy hedge around your pool, this hardy shrub can do the job.  You don’t even have to worry about the right time of year for pruning since this shrub will accept pruning all year round. The branches are multi-stemmed and the complex structure adds durability. Its dark green, lance-shaped leaves adhere to stiff upright branches.  The leaves are known to cling to the branches longer than most, so you’ll still have green color into early winter. It will thrive in sun or partial shade. It doesn’t mind what type of soil you have or if it’s dry or moist. If you’re in an urban environment or in almost any conditions; the Cheyenne can handle it. It’s even fast-growing, and long-lived. If left un-pruned, your Cheyenne can reach 8 feet in height with a 6 foot spread.  It will develop scented white panicles of flowers in the spring and small, round black berries that persist into the winter which will be appreciated by birds. For an adaptable shrub you can prune and forget; the Cheyenne Privet is a perfect carefree choice.


Japanese Flowering Dogwood

Golden Shadows Dogwood


Shadblow Serviceberry

Beauty Bush (Kolkwitzia amabilis) Zone 4/2.5m
The Beauty Bush is an easy-to-grow shrub which thrives in all types of soil.  Each May and June it's arching stems bloom with pretty, bell-shaped flowers. Soil Type: Any garden soil. It thrives in chalky soil and prefers full sun.

Blue Mist Spirea (Caryopteris clandonensis 'bluebeard') Zone 5/1m
A beautiful shrub with velvety, gray-green leaves and soft, feathery true blue blooms. Flowering begins in August and continues for at least 8 weeks. Blue Mist caryopteris combines well with roses, echinacea, or day lilies.
Planting Requirements: Prefers well-drained/loamy soils with a neutral pH and full sun.

Summersweet (Clethra alnifolia 'Ruby Spice') Zone3, Maximum Height 6ft.
The Ruby Spice has the darkest red color of all of the Summersweet varieties. This beautiful shrub produces dark red blooms of delicious, sweet fragrance in mid, to late, summer. The attractive green foliage turns into flaming yellows in fall. It is pest and disease free and can tolerate a range of conditions; including shade, acidic wet soil and salt spray.  It produces its best colors in full sun. Planting Requirements: prefers moist, slightly acid sandy soil in sun to light shade conditions

Forever Pink HYDRANGEA (Hydrangea macrophylla 'Forever Pink')

Pink Diamond HYDRANGEA (Hydrangea macrophylla 'Pink Diamond')

Quick Fire HYDRANGEA (Hydrangea macrophylla 'Quick Fire')

Annabelle HYDRANGEA (Hydrangea macrophylla 'Annabelle')

Nikko Blue HYDRANGEA (Hydrangea macrophylla 'Nikko Blue')

Twist and Shout HYDRANGEA (Hydrangea macrophylla 'Twist and Shout')

BLUSHING BRIDE HYDRANGEA (Hydrangea macrophylla 'Blushing Bride') Zone 3b/1.25m
Large white blooms which develop a pinkish hue in summer and fall.

LIMELIGHT HYDRANGEA (Hydrangea arborescens 'Limelight') Zone 3b/1.5m
This lovely hydrangea features Chartreuse green flowers.

MOONLIGHT HYDRANGEA (Hydrangea arborescens 'MOONLIGHT') Zone 3b/1.5m
This lovely hydrangea features beautiful purple flowers.

PINKY WINKY HYDRANGEA (Hydrangea paniculata 'Pinky Winky') Zone 3b/3m
A variety which starts out with large pyramidal clusters of  white flowers developing in spring which gradually turn pink and then red during the summer. A very beautiful and popular shrub because it simultaneously maintains all three colors throughout the summer and fall months.

VANILLA STRAWBERRY HYDRANGEA (paniculata 'Renhy') Zone 4/2m
This member of the Pee Gee Hydrangea family, displays blooms for many weeks, changing colors as they mature. Enormous pointed flower heads begin green, in midsummer, then quickly turn a creamy shade of white. Within a week or two they are blushing pink, and eventually  become a rich shade of rose!  Since new flowers are arising all the time, a blooming shrub is likely to have a full range of colors displayed at once.  The bright green foliage is dense and attractive.

BURNING BUSH (Euonymus alata) Zone 4/2m

DWARF BURNING BUSH (Euonymus alata 'compacta') Zone 4/1m
A relatively compact form of the species whose spectacular red foliage is very difficult not to notice. Highly attractive corky stems add to it's winter interest and the deep green leaves make it showy also in the summer.

ALPINE CURRANT (Ribes alpinum) Zone 2/2m
Widely used for hedges for it's dense and bright green foliage. It is shade tolerant and produces nice edible red berries which add to it's attractiveness.

GOLDMOUND SPIREA (Spirea bumalda 'Goldmound') Zone 3/1m
A tight dwarf plant with golden foliage all season, chartreuse in shade. Brilliant fall color. It is partialyl shade-tolerant.

SNOWMOUND SPIREA (Spirea nipponica 'Snowmound') Zone 3/2.5m
This spirea has a very beautiful vase-like form. Arching cascades of white fragrant flowers contrast nicely with the bright green foliage.

VARIEGATED MOCK ORANGE (Philadelphus x 'Virginal') Zone 3b/4m
Original super-fragrant mock orange with variegated leaves. Large upright shrub with pure white semi-double blooms.

DIABLO NINEBARK (Physocarpus opulifolius 'Diabolo') Zone 2/2-3m An explosive upright and arching shrub with deep burgundy foliage, and in flower, contrasting puff pink blossoms. Powerful color accent.

Forsythia 'Tremontia'

Forsythia 'Kumson'


Sutherland Gold Elderberry

Scarlet Elderberry

Black Lace Elderberry

Golden Elderberry

Azalea 'Mandarin Lights'

Sea Buckthorn

Golden Spirit Smoketree

Pink Delight Butterfly Bush

Darts Red Spirea

Potentilla Fruticosa

Reblooming Purple Lilac

Josee Lilac

Preston Lilac 'Royalty'

Preston Lilac 'Isabella'

Preston Lilac 'Donald Wyman'

Rose Daphne

Mandarin Lights Azalea

Royal Azalea (Rhododendron schlippenbachii) Zone4-8, Maximum Height 6ft.
A graceful thin limbed deciduous shrub with a natural mounded form rarely exceeding 2 meters in height and spread. In late April/early May, delicate white flowers blushed with shell pink appear at the branch tips perfuming the air with its fragrance. Whorls of lovely obovate leaves emerge after flower drop. Also exhibits wonderful autumn colors of scarlet, deep red, orange, and golden yellow. This rhododendron is more tolerant of 'alkaline' soils than most of its kin. Planting Requirements: humus rich acidic soil; prefers partial sunny conditions; protected non windy sites.

Evergreen Shrubs:

PJM Rhododendron

Rhododendron 'Nova Zembla'

Rhododendron 'Lees' Dark Purple'

GOLDEN JAPANESE YEW (Taxus cuspidata 'Aurescens') Zone 4-7/2m
This is a dense, woody, multi-stemmed,  slow-growing evergreen shrub which needs plenty of room to grow.  Its relatively fine texture and intense spring gold colour sets it apart from other landscape plants. It has attractive foliage and is relatively low maintenance. Excellent as an individual accent specimen or as a mass planting for foliage accent in the landscape. Makes great bonsais and looks wonderful in rock gardens. Makes nice hedges, but be sure to prune so they’re narrow on top and wider on the bottom in order for the light to enter. Note that pruning removes the foliage colour. Easily grown in well-drained, sandy loam soils and in full sun to part sun. Does best in evenly moist conditions, but will not tolerate standing water. If grown in good soil and full sun, the colour will be more intense than if it were grown in poor soil and full shade. Very tolerant of urban pollution. Flowering period is in April. Originally introduced from Hungary. Apply mulch in winter to protect the roots in colder zones.

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